Amazons and their Men

Projection Design for Diversionary Theatre’s production of Jordan Harrison’s Amazons and Their MenAs a real war brews outside the doors of her sound stage, history’s most notorious filmmaker must choose between her artistic ideals and the fascist regime bankrolling her career. Art and war collide in this darkly comic and subversive new play inspired by the life of Leni Riefenstahl, auteur of Triumph of the Will.

Performed: September 3rd- October 4th 2015, Diversionary Theatre, San DiegoProjection Design for Theater


“… excellent projections, a key part of the production.” -San Diego Tribune

“With a single screen, moved here and there, and Tara Knight’s terrific projections (especially the grainy flickers of silent movies), the 75-minute show abounds with jump-cuts and blackouts, like the 34 unfinished scenes of the Frau’s film.” -San Diego Reader

“… deftly handled by lighting designer Curtis Mueller and projections designer Tara Knight.” -San Diego Gay & Lesbian News

KPBS Interview about the production and the projection design


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Projection Design
Projection Design for Theater