Mikumentary is an ongoing series of short, non-commercial documentary films about the Hatsune Miku phenomenon. Bringing together interviews with fans, scholars, artists, musicians, Ps and more, these films are both about the Miku community and my contribution to the community. Upcoming episodes in 2013 include bottom-up business models, copyright and Miku, and a PV for Miku singing in English.

New to Miku? Get started at Mikubook, Facebook, Crypton, and Wikia for general vocaloid information. Or this LA Times article for an overview in English.

Mikumentary Trailer - an introduction to Miku


Mikumentary Episode 1: Everybody's Voice / Icon

日本語 Français 中文简体 Vietnamese Spanish Thai

Mikumentary Episode 2: Ephemeral / hologram / weird

日本語 Français 中文简体 Thai Spanish

Mikumentary Episode 3: Participatory Culture

Mikumentary Episode 4: VOCAROOM / Conversations / Community
Thank you: www.vocaroom.net, www.dokinama.net and and Associate Producer Noriyoshi Sekiguchi.

Mikumentary Episode 5: Goddess / Popstar / Ideal Cute Girl
Thank you Photographer Saisho Hirasawa and Cosplayer Toreko

Mikumentary featured on the Discovery Channel

Mikumentary Episode 3 installed in the Mori Art Museum April - September 2013.
Also pictured is a Miku hologram and 125 tablets displaying user-generated media of Miku that refresh from Piapro once a minute.

Music created for these films is located here. You can use or remix the audio for non-commercial purposes with credit to Nicholas Drashner.