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Projection Design

Ballast is the world premiere of a new play by Georgette Kelly, directed by Matt Morrow at the third oldest LGBTQ Theatre in the country, Diversionary Theatre.

How do we become who we are? In an investigation of identification and intimacy, Ballast intertwines the story of two relationships between trans and cisgender partners as they grapple with the stranger they find across the dinner table and in the mirror. This cutting-edge new play skydives into personal identity, navigating intricate dreamscapes to explore how gender shapes our spirituality, desires and destiny.

Director: Matt M. Morrow
Playwright: Georgette Kelly
Scenic Design: Ron Logan
Costume Design: Elisa Benzoni
Lighting Design: Sherrice Mojgani
Sound Design: Emily Jankowski
Props Design: Bonnie Durben
Projection Design: Tara Knight
Stage Management: Sebastian Perfetto


“The strength of the play is largely that of its projection designer, Tara Knight, who’s created a vivid suite of imagery that’s haunting, absurd, and frightening in turns, on top of being skillfully individualized for four different psyches.”
– San Diego Magazine

“… spectacular projections by Tara Knight…”
– San Diego Tribune

“…wonderful projections …”
San Diego Gay & Lesbian News

“… a fluid production that shifts quickly between locales and between reality and fantasy (credit projections by Tara Knight for enabling the fantasy sequences).”
San Diego Story

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