Outward (the same small spot)

Filmmakers: Tara Knight and Rebecca Salzer 

Performers: Liz Burritt and Liam Clancy 

4 minutes, silent

Layers of reflection, intimacy, and presence peel away in a moment of vulnerability and confession. This project is a companion film to Inward (the same small spot) (https://vimeo.com/230857093), and may be screened separately, or together in any sequence. The process behind these films is integral to their product: working within a modest budget, four dance and camera artists reassemble every two years to collaboratively construct movement-based improvisational structures and footage around questions of seeing and being seen. Separate edits are then crafted from this common footage by two collaborators – one trained in contemporary choreography and one trained in animation.

Screenings 2018: 

  • Frame Dance Film Festival, Aurora Theatre, Houston, Texas
  • Life in Motion: a Colorado Dance Film Festival, Denver, Colorado
  • MOVIMIENTO EN MOVIMIENTO Film Festival, Mexico City, Mexico
  • 40 North Dance Film Festival, San Diego, California
Project Type
Co-Choreographer, Co-Director, Editor