Camera Dances

Co-created with dancers/choreographers Liam Clancy and Eric Geiger, the Camera Dances series brings together dance and film documentation together as performance, by re-imagining public spaces through the play of serendipity and choreography. These films offer a chance to experience the creative process as it happens, asking, “What does it mean to have performing bodies on both sides of the camera?” Neither dance for the camera, site-specific art, documentary, nor improvisation, Camera Dances attempt to inhabit and explore the boundaries of these traditions.



  • The Underground Film Festival, Cork, Ireland


  • Van Gogh Award, Best Animation, Amsterdam Film Festival
  • Director’s Citation, Black Maria Film Festival, USA
  • TNT: Thursday Night Thing, Museum of Contemporary Art, San Diego


  • Off The Wall Film Festival, Berlin


Camera Dances Volume 4:
A study in space – from the proximity of a bluejeans pocket to the negative space of bodies suspended in air

Camera Dances Volume 6: Solo, Duet, Trio

Camera Dances Volume 7: Walk North to South

Camera Dances Volume 8: I’m Right Here

Camera Dances Volume 9: Seeing / Being Seen

Camera Dances – Volume 1:
A department store, a playground swing and a concrete slab are “found” locations in this volume

Camera Dances – Volume 2:
A study in duration – the score for this film was “Go Find Eric”

Camera Dances Volume 3:
Crunching gravel, sharp pivots, airplanes, and a hose become central elements in this film

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