Sound Planetarium

Imagine entering a medium sized room and as the lights dim, we hear a pinpoint of sound setting on our interior horizon. The room darkens, the night sky above comes into sharp clarity. But we’re not seeing starlight. Instead, we hear the sounds of the cosmos coming from every direction, spatialized in a full sphere around your body.  This is the Sound Planetarium.

What is it like to hear the Earth rotate, or move with the Earth along its half-billion mile circle around the Sun?  Bridging the disciplines of media performance, audio installation, big data sonification, and astrophysics, the proposed Sound Planetarium is designed as both an artistic instrument orchestrating the thousands of sounds that can be mapped to stars, as well as a tool for articulating millions of data points collected through astronomical research.

Through a CU Boulder Grand Challenge Innovative Seed Grant, the Sound Planetarium project is currently assembling a large team of researchers – more details to come in Fall 2017.

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